Ebooks from The Artisan Bakery School

Our books are now available on Amazon, to read on Kindle or iPads/iPhones. You can also download a free app when you buy a book to read it on your PC.  Written from the heart, and informed by our years of teaching and baking experience, the books contain fully comprehensive, clear instructions and valuable insight into how to bake real bread and pizza at home, or even how to turn your baking into a successful microbusiness.   Focusing on our uniquely simple Seven Steps Method, the books are easy to read and full of helpful colour photographs to illustrate recipes,  techniques and examples. If you can’t get to England, or to Devon, then our ebooks are just for you!

All our books are pubished through our own independent platform, Pendragan Publishing. Our list also includes fiction for children and adults.

For added support for our ebakers, individual Skype Tutorials also available at £15 per one hour session.

For details on each book, please click on image.

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