Gluten Free & Gourmet Friendly Breads

Brilliant baking without the gluten.

Learn how to bake beautiful, bouncy breads, how to make a wild yeast leaven  and even  how to bake a perfect pizza  – all without gluten.

Gourment FabulousCOELIACS PLEASE NOTE: As a wheat-based business, our environment inevitably contains more than the statutory 20 parts per million of gluten established by law to protect people suffering from coeliac disease. Some coeliacs send family members on the course to pick up the knowledge and then bake fresh loaves at home in their own, gluten-free kitchens. Please get in touch if you would like more information before you decide.

  • Do you suffer from allergies to wheat or gluten?
  • Are you bored with the gluten-free breads you can find in the shops?
  • Do you want to make better GF bread at home – the sort your family will want to share?
  • Are you simply curious about breads from different cultures?

The fields of this world are full of wonderfully nutritious grains that don’t contain any gluten at all. Entire cultures have been built on the sustaining qualities of teff, rice,  amaranth or quinoa … and they each have a cuisine of their own.  Our interest in artisan breads around the world has led us to take a positive, ‘foodie’ approach to baking with less mainstream flours and techniques.    We see it as embracing more creative ways of using alternative flours.  We aim to bake bread that is appetising to look at, pleasing in texture, delicious in flavour, and that doesn’t go stale an hour after being baked. Above all, we see this kind of baking as fun. By the end of our course you will:

  • Be able to bake a variety of delicious, crusty loaves with no gluten at allGF Pizza Slices
  • Understand the uses of chia seed, linseed and psyllium husk as binders
  • Understand the properties of various GF flours and their nutritional benefits
  • Know how to bake amazing gluten free pizza
  • Be able to make and manage a GF sourdough culture
  • Know how to fit home-baked breads into a busy lifestyle
  • Understand the ‘mechanics’ of baking without gluten
  • Have the confidence to create your own recipes
  • Never eat another ‘cardboard’ loaf again!


Foccacia GF


Course Days: Thursdays and Saturdays 11am – 3pm Cost: £145 per person including Recipes, Lunch, Refreshments and Lots of GF Breads to Take Home!

Booking:  Please email us your preferred dates. We will then confirm availability and send you BACS details for payment.


Bed and Breakfast at Old Home Cottage

If you’re coming a long way, or would like to make your one-day course more of a treat, why not book a night’s B&B with us at Old Home Cottage?  We can make you a lovely breakfast without a speck of gluten in it!Cob GF