Woodfired Pizza Parties

Host your own pizza making party!

Have fun learning how to make pizza dough and toppings, bake pizza in the woodfired oven  and make a party of it!


  • Pizza CourseAre you fed up with flabby cardboard ‘pizza’?
  • Worried about unhealthy ingredients?
  • Keen to learn a new cooking skill?
  • Would you like the satisfaction of hand-baking your own pizza from scratch?

Now you can!


By the end of our course you will be able to:

  • Make the perfect pizza dough  – with or without olive oil.
  • Manage refrigeration so your dough will wait for you, not the other way around
  • Shape your dough into smooth, even circles without a rolling pin
  • Prepare your own signature tomato sauce
  • Make a finger-licking  ‘tarte flambee’ – using crème fraiche instead of tomato
  • Get the very best out of your home gas or electric oven, for crispy crust and delectably tender dough.

At the end of the course, we eat the pizzas for lunch, and celebrate with the drink of your choice (BYOB) but you’ll have some extra dough to take home, plus our unique 7 Steps booklet explaining all the recipes, tips and techniques, and memories of a fun-filled, floury day at The Artisan Bakery School.Pizza Party


Level: All welcome!

Course Days: Saturdays  11am – 3pm

Cost : £95 per person + £30 group cost for the wood  (minimum 4 people in a party)

Family day Special: 2 adults + 1or 2 children (age 6-14) £190 plus wood cost £30.

Booking:  Please email us your preferred dates. We will then confirm availability and send you BACS details for payment.