The Magic of Wood Fired Cookery

Wood fired cooking makes people feel good, and food taste great!Orada 2

Our earliest ancestors knew that the transforming effect of fire on food, and the people eating it, is magical.  This one-day course allows you to explore a method of cooking that is both ancient, inspiring and surprisingly versatile.

Our classes are designed to be small (4 participants max.) to ensure that every student gets plenty of focused tuition, and hands-on experience with fire management and food preparation.

Basque Eggs

Wood Fired Basque Eggs

If  you are:

  • Eager to create or to expand your  repertoire of wood fired dishes
  • Looking to improve your fire management skills
  • Thinking about buying or building a wood fired oven
  • Keen to make more / better use of one you already own…


Mushrooms 2

Fire Roasted Garlic Mushrooms

…then look no further.  Dragan has built all five wood fired ovens at The Artisan Bakery School (four outdoors, and one in the bakery). He can offer advice on what to look out for when buying or building your own.  He will share his wood fired cooking techniques and insights, and guide you as you handle the different practical aspects of fire management, while Penny takes you through the preparation of some delectable dishes.

Pear & Strawberry Galette

Wood Fired Pear & Strawberry Galette


After this course you will be able to confidently:

  • Produce a gastronomic experience for family and friends to really enjoy: starters, a main, sides and dessert.
  • Light, build and maintain the fire in a wood fired oven
  • Buy the right wood and kindling, with the right moisture content
  • Select the right utensils and equipment
  • Control the temperature in different parts of the oven
  • Optimise fuel economy
  • Use wood chips (hickory, beech, apple etc.) to layer aroma and flavour

The course costs just £165 per person, and can be arranged on a date to suit you.

Here are some of dishes you’ll be preparing and cooking in  our wood fired ovens:

Starters: Roasted garlic mushrooms with rosemary/Smoked almonds /Herb and garlic baked camembert / Rosemary prawn skewers

Our baby - 'Puff'!

Our baby – ‘Puff’!

Mains: Baby stuffed vegetables /Crown Prince Squash stuffed with spicy chickpea stew /Seasonal paella – vegetables or seafood/ Baked whole fish / Brudet (Dalmatian bouillabaisse) /Fazol (Dalmatian bean stew) / Sweet or savoury galette – with hand-made spelt puff pastry

Sides: Garlic roast potatoes /  Roasted cabbage with gorgonzola sauce /Honey and chilli roast chicory

Desserts: Authentic petit fours / creme caramel / stuffed pears

Breads: focaccia / heritage sourdough / authentic fougasse

Little focaccia breads (& galette)

Little focaccia breads (& galette) ready for the oven.

Meat eaters please note that all roasting, grilling and baking techniques can be adapted, once you get home. Once you can control the fire, you can cook whatever you like!

Level: All welcome

Course Days: By arrangement,  10am – 4pm (ish)

Cost : £165 per person, including printed recipes and notes on techniques, all ingredients and materials, masses to eat and a fabulous day out all round.

WFO Dragon 2

The ‘Dragon’ Wood Fired Oven

'Huff' Wood Fired Oven

‘Huff’ Wood Fired Oven

'Big Mama' and two fresh loaves in our bakery.

‘Big Mama’ and two fresh loaves in our bakery.






'Radmila' Wood Fired Oven

‘Radmila’ Wood Fired Oven