Delectable pastries, hand-made by you.


Have you ever wanted to:

  • Serve hot, home-made croissants for breakfast?
  • Make your own luscious brioche for tea?
  • Impress someone special with your pain au chocolat or croissant aux amandes?
  • Create savoury pastries for party or a special event?

 Now you can!


Viennoiserie (which means ‘things from Vienna’), is the name for the kind of baking actually first made famous by the French.  It comes in two forms: laminated dough and unlaminated dough, both of which use yeast to create their amazing lightness. Croissants are the obvious example of a laminated dough, concocted with layers of yeasted dough and butter. Brioches are the classic example of the unlaminated dough, enriched with butter and eggs to just melt in the mouth. The adaptations of these two main kinds of dough are almost endless; sweet or savoury, they are luxury items that are appreciated all the more when they are hand-made.

After this course, you will be able to:IMG_4002

  • Make two kinds of laminated dough, one plain and one sweet
  • Create a selection of pastries including croissants, pain au chocolat,  frangipane butterflies and apricot Danish.
  • Make your own creme patissiere
  • Mix, mould and bake  your own individual or ‘tear and share’ brioche


The day  is a fairly long one, 10am – 5pm, and limited to two participants as we will be covering a lot of ground, and you will need plenty of space, time and attention from your tutor.

Level: most students on this course have done some previous baking, or at least are happy in the kitchen.

Course Days: By arrangement; just let us know when you’d like to come.

Cost: £150 per person  including course notes, lunch, refreshments and  all your beautifully gift-boxed pastries to take home.

Booking: Please call us or  email us with your preferred dates.  We will then confirm availability and send you BACS details for payment.


Bed and Breakfast at Old Home Cottage

If you’re coming a long way, or would like to make your one-day course more of a treat, why not book a night’s B&B with us at Old Home Cottage?