Wheat-Free Workshop

Wonderful wheat-free baking.

A day of discovery for anyone who thought wheat-free would be boring! If you’ve decided to cut out wheat, do you have to cut out bread? A lot of people start off thinking so, but nothing could be further from the truth.  GFs

  • Are you worried about wheat in your diet?
  • Do you want to cut out wheat, but still enjoy great bread?
  • Do you want to make fabulous sourdough breads, without wheat flour?
  • Are you interested in breads made without gluten, or with low gluten content?

By the end of this day course, you will be able to:

  • Use a wild yeast rye leaven to create a range of delicious sourdough breads
  • Understand the nutritional benefits of different completely gluten-free flours
  • Know how to bake a selection of gluten-free breads
  • Know how to manage the three Ts: timing, temperature and technique
  • Know how to make your loaves look really appealing, and taste even better
  • Make quick and easy yeasted wheat-free breads and focacciasRye & Corn GF

This course is aimed at people with a wheat allergy/intolerance, and those who would like to expand their baking repertoire to cater for people with different dietary requirements. We concentrate on the nutritional benefits of different breads, as well as showing you how to make them truly appetising in appearance, texture and flavour.  Goodbye to boring brick breads, and hello to happy artisan loaves that you will really enjoy! By the end of the day you’ll be going home with arms full of fantastic creations, a full set of course notes with recipes, tips and techniques, and memories of a floury, fun-filled day at The Artisan Bakery School.

Level: All. Course Days: Thursdays and Saturdays 11am – 3pm Cost: £145 per person including Recipes, Lunch, Refreshments and Lots of Wheat-Free Breads to Take Home!

Booking:  Please email us your preferred dates. We will then confirm availability and send you BACS details for payment.


Bed and Breakfast at Old Home Cottage

If you’re coming a long way, or would like to make your one-day course more of a treat, why not book a night’s B&B with us at Old Home Cottage?  We can make you a lovely breakfast without a speck of gluten in it!The Ebook of Bread for Beginners