Micropizzeria Course

Become a pizzarista! Run a takeaway pizza business from your own home.

Micropizzeria BlueprintDiscover how to run a micropizzeria business. One-day course  includes pizza making tuition, how to cost and price your product, costing your equipment, marketing tips, advice on environmental health requirements, plus choosing and using a woodfired or electric pizza oven.

  • Would you like to earn money doing something you love?
  • Learn a new trade?
  • Be loved by  your local community?
  • Be able to work from home?
  • Achieve a healthier level of independence?
  • Be part of the local food movement?


Selling bread and pizza.

A typically busy Friday.

Have you been put off by:Lack of skills ?

  • Worries about suitable premises / ovens?
  • Legislation regarding planning/health & safety?
  • Branding and marketing issues –finding and attracting your customers ?
  • Profitability –  how to work out what to charge, and how much you’ll make?

“Don’t worry, be happy!”  Following the success of our Microbakery Blueprint Course , we have now launched the Micropizzeria Blueprint, teaching you all you need to know about building a micropizzeria business in your own home.

Having built our own woodfired bread/pizza ovens we ran a successful micropizzeria takeaway in our local village for several years. Now you can learn from our experience, and share our insights into this fascinating way with food.

By the end of our course you will:

  • Be confident of mixing and shaping pizza dough
  • Know how to create fantastic sauces and toppings
  • Be able to calculate costs and profits per pizza
  • Know how to start with a low-risk minimum initial investment
  • Understand the practicalities of buying or building a woodfired oven / buying an electric stone-baking oven
  • Understand the basics of branding and marketing your pizzas
  • Understand the legal requirements for home food businesses
  • Be inspired to get started straight away!
  • And if you’d like to start with a mobile pizza van we can advise on that too


Micropizzeria Smoked Salmon Pizza

Our ‘Dill-icious Salmon’ Pizza.

Our Micropizzeria Blueprint Booklet will be emailed to you before the course.  This contains the basic recipes and techniques you learn on the day, plus valuable lists of equipment and suppliers,  and practical advice on everything from ingredients storage to takeway boxes.   Being able to read the booklet in advance will help you think of things you want to ask on the day. Everyone’s situation is different, and we aim to help you maximise your potential.

At the end of the day, you’ll have proved to yourself you can be a pizzarista, and eaten some delicious examples of your own work.  You’ll be leaving with new skills under your belt, masses of information, inspiration, encouragement and a happy future ahead of you!



Wood is good! Nothing beats the flavour, or the fun, of baking pizza in a woodfired oven. If you’d like to bake yours in ours, it’s just £60 extra for the wood, which can be split amongst course participants.  


Level: We will personalise this course to suit your level of experience, even if you’ve never baked before.

Course Days: Tuesdays or Saturdays 10am – 4pm

Cost: £165  per person including Micropizzeria Blueprint Book, Lunch and Refreshments!

Booking: Please email us your preferred dates.  We will then confirm availability and send you BACS details for payment.


Bed and Breakfast at Old Home Cottage

If you’re coming a long way, or would like to make your one-day course more of a treat, why not book a night’s B&B with us? We offer two double rooms at £75 per night each, including breakfast. A 3-course evening meal at £20 per head is available by arrangment.  The Treby Arms and the The Miners Arms also offer good food locally. For details on accommodation, please click here.