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NEW for 2018:  Master the Craft of Artisan Pizza

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 Learn professional pizzarista techniques for making authentic, artisan pizza in your domestic or wood fired oven.

  • Make seven different kinds of pizza dough, including Napoletana, sourdough, heritage and gluten free.
  • Learn how to “read” your dough- and shape it like a pro.
  • Manage rising, proving and baking schedules.
  • Make authentic sauces, show-stopping toppings and fabulous finishing touches.
  • Bake pizza to perfection in a domestic oven, or in a wood fired oven.

Artisan Bread for Beginners  

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Learn how to fit beautiful, hand-made breads into even the busiest lifestyle.

  • Bake your own show-stopping artisan breads using our simple, 7-steps method designed and proven to leave beginners baking with confidence!
  • Discover the simple secret of ‘5 minutes hands-on’ and fit home-baked bread* into even the busiest lifestyle.
  • 1.5 hours of video instruction, recipes to print out and keep, full notes and tips on techniques.
  • Multiple-choice quizzes to test your progress.

Artisan Sourdough Made Simple

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How to make stunning breads using natural leaven.

  • Master the ancient art of baking with a wild yeast leaven to create nutritious, delicious and beautiful sourdough breads.
  • Learn how to make and manage your own leaven and bake genuine artisan sourdoughs with surprisingly little effort.
  • 2 hours of video instruction, 22 lectures, recipes to print out and keep, full instructions on making and managing your own wild yeast leaven.
  • Multiple-choice quizzes to test your progress.

Deliciously Gluten Free Artisan Breads

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Goodbye to bricks of sawdust, and hello to lip-smacking, luscious and nutritious breads you have made all by yourself!

  • Learn to bake seven very different kinds of gluten free bread, rolls and pizza.
  • Discover how to blend your own flours, and make your own super-convenient bread mixes
  • Use the principles to develop recipes of your own.
  • 1 hour of video instruction
  • 17 lectures and resources
  • Printable recipes and full Gluten Free Flours Guide
  • Multiple choice quizzes to test your progress